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With eSports (also known as electronic sports) officially recognised as a competitive medal event in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou and potentially in the 2024 Olympics host by Paris, gamers worldwide are gearing up to pit their skills against each other on the world stage but will Singapore be ready for it?

Join us for a day of insights, discussion and learning on the eSports landscape in Singapore as well as tips on what it takes to be a professional eSports gamer by our very own gaming pioneers. Get to gain a better understanding of the scene and potentially score a contact or two through networking with our partners!

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Time: 2pm to 5pm

Date: 9 December 2017, Saturday

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Moderator: Deitrich Mohan

1. eSports in Singapore (2pm to 3.15pm)

  • Past and Present of eSports in Singapore
  • Insights into Professional eSports Lifestyle
  • Educating Local Future eSports Talents/Athletes

Speakers: Reuben Wong, Anthony Lim & Marvin Lin

2. eSports Culture and Community (3.30pm to 4.45pm)

  • Forging a strong community (PUBG)
  • eSports Management Across Cultures
  • Managing a Professional Team
  • eSports, Male Sports?
Speakers: Donald Yeo, Ryan Tan & Lionel Lee

3. Networking Session


Reuben “Ultima” Wong

Reuben started playing video games since 1989. He co-founded eSports organisation Xtreme Chaotix and competed in CS tournaments. Reuben also helped grow XTC to clinch SteelSeries as a sponsor, and later contributed to expand the roster to cover more eSports games (such as Dota, Fifa, WC3, Street Fighter, etc). He has participated in several tournaments local and regional and later became a gaming Ambassador for Garena’s Blackshot community. Reuben currently continues to share his eSports experience in talks and events.

Anthony “Impression” Lim

Anthony is considered greatly to be a veteran in competitive eSports with more than 8 years of active player experience. He has been playing various eSports titles since 2009 and have achieved varying degrees of success for each game he has played competitively. He is currently part of an established top Esports team in Singapore (CS:GO), B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape which had its origins in late 2000s and participated in several local, regional and global tournaments representing Singapore. Antony is currently the captain and player for B.O.O.T-Dream[S]cape.

Donald “Ludification” Yeo

Donald is a veteran FPS player in games like CS, and later Battlefield and takes on key roles as a player and strategists in Bf.Nut (local eSports organisation). During his active competitive day, he represented Singapore for local, regional and global tournaments and finished with more than 40 podium positions during his time with the team.

After returning to Singapore from Sweden, Donald transitioned from being a player to take on event organising roles in an effort to help develop the local eSports scene by assisting in hosting tournaments and events. He is also responsible for partnerships and event-related matters for his team and organises community events at LAN Cafes and at events such as the SCOGA’s Cyber Game Festival at ITE Ang Mo Kio Central. Donald is also part of the organising team that helped created GE3 (Games convention in Downtown East Pasir Ris) for the first ever Dota 2 regional tournament held in Singapore in partnership with E-Club(Malaysia), Valve and NTUC on 27 Dec 2013. His past work experience includes work at Colosseum LAN Cafe, Garena Singapore (Now known as SEA Group) and SAFRA.

Ryan “Ryurial” Tan

Ryan has studied in the National Technological University of Singapore (NTU) and has a Double Bachelor (BA) in Literature and in Communications and Information. He also has a Masters of Arts in Communications Specialising in Game Studies from NTU.

As a competitive player, Ryan represented Singapore locally, regionally and globally and was responsible for the transformation of Fnatic.Sea into Team DuskBin which managed professional players from Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the United States.

Ryan is currently a director of Avalon eSports in Singapore. He is also pursuing a PhD in Game Studies and developing a “Games and eSports Development” curriculum for WKWSCI at NTU.

Marvin “Marvx” Lin

Marvin started playing video console game at a young age of 8 and later started playing competitively at 16 years old. He had been a competitive CS player since early 2000s with popular teams such as CsT, Icy and later X3G (CS:Source). Marvin actively participates in tournaments frequently with friends and ex-teammates, and continues to be passionate in supporting future Esports local talents thru the promotion and organisation of eSports tournaments at his current workplace.

Lionel “Hammy” Lee

Lionel was involved in the Dota community and later became the Team manager for Xtreme Chaotix (XTC – an Esports Organisation in mid 2000s) which included popular players such as xyxy, Nutz, etc. He was also responsible for managing XTC’s Dota Girls Team including players such as Kimberly, Cassandra, Sashimi, Gongzhu and Jasmine. Lionel subsequently joined Garena and was responsible for building a strong community for Garena’s pioneer game Blackshot. He was also responsible for managing Singapore’s first salaried team (under Garena), Singapore Sentinels (SGS) that competes in League of Legends regional tournaments. He later joined Razer later to do eSports related work as well.


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